Wednesday, February 23, 2011

& In One Another Returns

Thanks for being on board with & In One Another!

We're returning for our second year and have made some adaptations from last year. First of note is that we will be doing 30 assignments this time, they will come every other day. We are also looking into automating the texts/emails and blog posts so that they will be available at the same time for everyday that there is an assignment.

This year we are hand making the books this year, we're ordering paper from The Guild Art Supply store here in Northampton, as well as ordering cover stock from the French Paper Company, also via The Guild.

This year we are also opening up the opportunity for people to submit ideas for the actual assignments. Last year the assignments were made up by a group of four people and edited down collectively and with the final edit done by one person. You can write down your suggestions for assignments on the reverse of the form you need to fill out to participate (see PDF download below).

Please do consider that space is limited and it is nothing personal if we don't have the space to include your ideas.

So just to be clear, this is how it all works:

Starting April 6th, we will text/email/post on Facebook and on this blog an assignment every other day for 60 days until May 29th.

Your job is to interpret the assignment in your sketchbook as you see fit.
There are no restrictions in medium. Any one from anywhere may participate

We need you to post mark or deliver your completed book to us by June 5th
for the exhibition of collected books: TBD-Northampton June 2011

To get your sketch book, mail this form and $10 to:
Adria Sutter
245 South St
Northampton MA 01060

Send this form along with your check or money order by March 23
we will notify you via email once we’ve received your form/payment.

Do take note, since we are ordering supplies and making the books our supplies will be limited. If you absolutely wait till March 23rd to sign up, we may have to turn you away if we have run out of books.

Download PDF HERE, download starts automatically.

This year our books will be 6 x 9 inches and lovingly hand made and mailed no later than March 30th.

Please also note that you may select more than one option in terms of how you'd like to get the assignments.

We are also looking into possibly setting up a paypal account so that folks may sign up to participate and pay that way.

Email for questions

Cheers from the Now.For.Art Crew!
Adria, Eben & Katherine

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