Thursday, June 16, 2011

Phrases Finished, Exhibiton Info

Hello all!
As you may have noticed, The Sketchbook project is almost completed! As of June 10th of last week, prompt #30 was announced and the 60 day cycle has commenced. Oh, but we're not nearly done! There is much to do.
We hope you've enjoyed the phrases and look forward to seeing what you've come up with! On that - the exhibition for these works is scheduled:
And In One Another: A Massive Collaborative Sketchbook Project will be on view at The Whoo Space
located at 11 Market St, Northampton MA, from July 6th-July 11th. This event will start at 4pm-8pm.

Please please please mail/send your books (completed or not) by FRIDAY, THE FIRST OF JULY to Adria Sutter @ 245 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060. If you live close to Northampton and find it unnecessary/expensive to mail, contact me ASAP via phone (413-275-8436) or this email and I will come by and retrieve it from you. Additionally, I will be making a trip or two to the North Shore in the next two weeks and will establish a drop-off location for that area. I will keep you all informed of details regarding that excursion.

- Your help to make the space beautiful and cozy! Will you donate interesting, comfortable furniture (chairs, small tables, lamps, funky accoutrement) for the duration of the exhibit? Chairs are most needed, as we want everyone to be able to sit as long as possible, when looking through the books. Pick-up can be arranged to retrieve any items....and to drop them back to you!

- Volunteers for gallery sitting. Pretty standard stuff. You'll be able to look through gorgeous art books the entire time...

- Any fantastic cooks or bakers willing to bring tasty things on opening night? So far, the lovely Ella Flemming has offered to bake a plethora of cupcakes (vegan options!). Bring more cupcakes, a soup, a bread, a salad, a casserole? Anything would be appreciated! Before 4pm on Friday would be best. If you have any specific needs for your food offerings, be in touch.

Keep in Touch! - & In One Another

hat your books are far from completed. Or not good enough yet, etc, etc, etc. I do not want you to fret! But I do not want you to give up. There is still time - and 15 days is plenty. Do not forget: This is your book, and you can do much or as little as you wish within the pages. You could have disregarded the phrases altogether - I want your book for the show. You could have only done a single drawing and ripped out all the other pages of the book - I want it for the show. You may have only drawn pictures of Xena the Warrior Princess on every page - I still want your book for the show. If you truly do not wish to show the work, I will understand, but I will cry. Personally, I know you can do it, or I wouldn't have asked you to do this project. I am so excited to see what you have to express in those pages. I want to see what you need to say.
Be well, Adria

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